Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc!

Welcome to my second blog, refugees from The Cinema 4 Pylon!

This blog is solely about animation, as opposed to the movie, music, and whatever else love-fest going on at the original site. My intentions are to post a short article reflecting my feelings and thoughts on every animated film that I view, whether it is a short or of feature length. Sometimes, it will be necessary to include a synopsis of the entire film; other times, the film itself may trigger memories or moods that I will put down in text.

My girlfriend Jen loaded me up with a host of Disney collections for Christmas, and I also have a passel of other DVD animation collections that I have yet to view since I moved out of Alaska. Instead of cramming all of the cartoon reviews into the Pylon, I felt that it was time to spread out a little bit and base all of my animation musings in one convenient spot.

The big difference is that there will be separate postings for each individual cartoon, so check back often, because they are going to pile up quickly, sometimes several posts in a single day. At least, that is the plan going into this project.

Perhaps I need to quit my job to make more time... hmm...

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